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    Standards Alignment

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    No Excuses University-- Standards Alignment
    In Chapter 7, Lopez emphasizes the importance that standards have on a school's accountability to its students and their parents. He also acknowledges that many disagree with the need for standards and/or they have different expectations for standards. Consider what the author shares regarding the importance of aligning standards as well as the common mistakes made when aligning. If you do not have direct classroom experience, you may respond to these questions based on your own understanding of what occurs in your own children's school, or a professional or volunteer position you have held outside of a school setting.

    • How has your own viewpoint regarding educational standards changed or been validated by what you read? What will you differently and/or add to your current/anticipated professional role to reflect this?
    • What can be done to change the mindset of the naysayers the author addresses in his disclaimer on p. 82?
    • Can you name the standard or sub-standard that is your grade level or department's greatest area of need? If so, how do you know?
    • What encourages you to make changes?

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    As you briefly discuss how has your own viewpoint regarding educational standards changed or been validated by what you read, I feel that I used to think that the standards imposed too much control over teachers and were a bit too rigid in their implementation scope, causing us to lose our individuality and creativity. However, the reading made me better recognize that the standards are a necessary framework to guide us and our instruction since standards don't compel educators on how ...

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