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    Personal educational philosophy

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    I'm not sure how to get started or what I am being asked to do.

    You will be creating a Personal Philosophy this week and that is a document that most prospective employers enjoy reading in your Resume ' packet.

    You will desire to focus on hot issues in education as your write your paper like:
    * Multi-Learning Styles
    * Class Room Management
    * Types of Assessment
    * Technology in the Classroom
    * Collaborative Learning
    * And many more

    Choose some areas you are passionate about and focus on creating a paper that will make you very marketable. My instructor says it needs to be 350 to 700 words when complete.

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    This assignment is asking you to create a document that will "sell" you as a potential employee. You will want to focus on positive statements, both about you and about current educational issues. This is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in class as you comment knowledgeably on those "hot issues in education." Your word limit is going to force you to be both brief and concise, as 350 to 700 words is a page or less, double-spaced. You are instructed to create a paper that will make you very marketable. Currently, a marketable person in education is one who has a strong work ethic, care and concern for the students they serve, and a willingness to be a team player. This educational professional needs to be a life-long learner, with a willingness to keep current with educational trends and issues.

    It is appropriate to use the first person for this document, so "I" statements are acceptable. The instructions suggest a number of educational topics for you to discuss in your document, ...

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    Suggestions for creating a personal educational hilosophy document.