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Peer Observation and Teacher Observation

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I need help to write a word summary that answers the following questions: (the video transcript is attached)
1. What process for teacher observation did you observe in the video? How does this process differ from the process at your school or in a school with which you are familiar?
2. How would this teacher observation process work in your school? What changes would you make to this process to make it even more effective?
3. What activities, strategies, or processes do you recommend following teacher observation to monitor and improve their performance?

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Solution Summary

Peer observations and teacher observations are examined. The activities, strategies and processes recommended for teachers observation to monitor and improved performances are given.

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1. In the video, allowing teachers to critique the other teacher for a period determined by those who are observing was a good way to elicit trust and knowledge about the entire classroom management of the teacher being critiqued. It's important to understand how the teacher manages the classroom from beginning until the end, which was capable by allowing teachers in the video to choose how long they observed. This is different than schools that I'm ...

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