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Using the Lectora Title Wizard to create a learning module

Using the Title Wizard menu item in Lectora, select a pre-formatted Lectora template. After you have selected your template from the Title Wizard menu, create a brief learning module (5 screens) describing the steps used on how to use the Title Wizard menu feature. Include the following components in your learning module:

1. A welcome screen
2. Learning objectives screen
3. 3 screens describing the steps required to create a basic module using the Title Wizard function

Publish your file as a Single File Executable.

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I have zipped this file to send to you as during my experiences with using this program, many computers determine that .exe files may contain viruses and, often, the file is not retrievable. Upon opening the Lectora software, click on Title Wizard tab, select the template you will use, click OK, and the next screen will provide the areas for you to type in the title you wish to give to your project and select the destination for saving the project. Since you ...

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This solution outlines the process of using the title wizard in the Lectora software in order to create a learning module. Also provided is an attachment that displays an example of the screens required for this project, with a brief explanation of how to edit and insert information.