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Using Computers with Children

I require some ideas and assistance in developing a thesis statement regarding the impact of using computers with children from ages birth-6. It may include both the positive and negative aspects of the theme.

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In Erikson's Stages of Development, the 4-5 year old children's task is initiative versus guilt so they must be permitted to explore and manipulate a variety of learning materials, have a sense of direction and purpose without having to feel guilty about them.
The use of computers and appropriate software give children the chance to freely explore and manipulate early technology, take initiative and make decisions in their learning. Teachers need to encourage children to explore the use of computers and other instructional manipulative materials, making sure that they don't stifle the choices that these children make. Through exploration and access to computer, children have significantly gained self-esteem and their self-concept has been enhanced.
One of the disadvantages of using computers that have been feared before is their contribution to one's isolation. Adults isolate themselves from the real world when they are engrossed with the computer. With regards to children, there are times that they interact with each other more when they help with each other with the computer applications and quiet students are encouraged to ask the teacher's help and assistance when they encounter problems in using the computer software. Children exhibit diversity of social interaction with both peers and teachers when they are at the computer.
Children who are more exposed to ...

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The solution provides ideas on how to compose a thesis statement on the impact of using computers with children from ages birth to 6 years. References are included.