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Universal Standards in Collegiate Course Numbering

I need help trying to figure out some of the pro or con position regarding the issue of standardizing course numbers in higher education or in a global corporate university. Also, gather, evaluate, and organize factual, accurate evidence from different sources that supports the pro or con position. Present evidence that effectively supports the position, including facts, statistics, relevant examples, expert opinions, laws, court decisions, costs, or any other sources that provide supporting information for the opinions. Provide opinions that are supported by evidence and develop statements that are supported by facts.

Solution Summary

This document discusses the pros and cons of the United States adopting a universal course numbering system which will be utilized throughout the collegiate course population. The discussion includes an analysis of the benefit of ease in transferring from one higher education institution to another and the challenge that may occur when a new course or one that differs from others within a specific subject or specialty cannot be transferred.