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    Theory and Research in Early Intervention Efforts

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    Please explain/discuss how the relationship between theory and research has shaped early intervention efforts.

    Provide some possible resource cites for further investigation. Thanks for helping me out!

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    If you think critically about the relationship between theory and research, I think you will understand how they interact. A theory is nothing more than someone's idea, or hypothesis, about how something works, in this case early intervention for a variety of at-risk handicapping conditions. These can be physical, emotional, social, behavioral or cognitive conditions.

    Once someone has an idea, or a theory, a theory is essentially a hypothesis waiting for a research project. A hypothesis is the first step in a research project, and the experiment's results either tend to support the hypothesis or not. If enough experiments or research projects are conducted, producing enough data, we can then conclude that the theory is either supported or not supported by the research data. This is where we begin to make ...

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    How do theory and research interact in early intervetion for various at-risk handicapping conditions? Substantial list of Web based URLs for articles and papers on this topic.