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Pros and cons for mandated ELL

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Why do you believe that achievement for ELLs should or should not be state-mandated? What are the strengths and weaknesses of current mandates in place at the state level?

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While I don't really know what state you are in, it doesn't really matter. The problem with state-mandated anything is that there are often too many exceptions and there can be difficulty in enforcement.

Here are examples of problems I have witnessed.

Sometimes students are in the programs or the classification and as time goes by nobody really understands why. I had parents uncomfortable with it and said that they only speak English in the home, and so don't know how this has happened. Turns out, with careful research, unknowingly, a parent had checked off on a school admission application that they spoke the language in the home, thereby requiring annual testing for the child. If, in fact, the child is proficient in English, eventually, he ...

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This solution helps with a problem regarding state mandates concerning English Language Learners. It also discusses the strength and weaknesses of current mandates in place at the state level.