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readability of a children's book using OKAPI

1. Complete a readability of a children's book using OKAPI (! Was the passage's readability what you expected? Reflect on how you could use this information in your classroom or give the probe to a child and reflect on the experience.

2. Conduct a task analysis of something in the classroom or if you are a parent a routine your child needs to do (i.e. make his/her bed). Use the task analysis to assess the child or children in the classroom. Share the experience.

3. Create and do a math probe with a child or student(s). Discuss your experience and how you can use the data

4. Should public schools teach a common culture to all students? Should that common culture be based on a Eurocentric culture? Share your opinion on the issue.

5. Should English be the official language of the United States? Share your opinion.

6. Should students have the right to learn their mother tongue and the dominant language? Share your opinion.

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Assess the readability of a children's book using OKAPI as a model in this posting.