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Problems with Student Absenteeism

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Discuss some problems of children being absent within schools that could be addressed in a research project. Analyze various methods of data collection that might be appropriate. Discuss issues related to validity and reliability. I need help creating a 350 word outline of this. Once I have an idea on were to go, I can finish the rest.

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The University of MI has done a lot of study in Detroit with the issue of Asthma, with respect to asbestos, environmental pollution and other urban issues. It is well documented that when the health of a student is failing or substandard, it has a direct impact on the success in school. The problem comes with confidentiality. A student or researcher would be unable to get access to direct names, to track throughout the year or successive years, to find the specific results of the said issues.

What COULD be done, however, is to track issues, with respect to adults or known EPA trends or pollution statistics. Usually, that information is public information and available through the freedom of information act. WHAT CAN BE ...

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A discussion of problems with student absenteeism related to validity and reliability, with examples follows.