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    Researching Cost-benefit Analysis of Absenteeism in Teaching

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    Discuss some problems within your some type of work settings (possibly related to teaching) that could be addressed in a research project. Apply one type of descriptive statistics to an actual set of data that could be used for documentation in a research plan. You may choose to create charts, graphs, scatterplots, frequency distributions, etc.

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    Absenteeism and Adverse Health Affects Performance in School

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of air has a positive benefit for teachers, students and staff. A reduction in absenteeism; improvement with student and staff concentration; student productivity and performance improvement; a decrease IAQ-related health risks from exposure to indoor pollutants; reduction in environmental triggers of asthma; and a decrease in respiratory and related illnesses ...

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    Reviewing a worksite problem for consideration for research is absenteeism and the adverse health affects in school performance is discussed. Three references are provided.