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perimeter security systems and intruder detection devices

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Q1. What are the most appropriate alarms to utilize for perimeter protection? Provide examples, names, models etc.

Q2. Why do perimeter security systems fail or succeed? Give some examples of both. Try to find some new reasons, examples.....

Please answer each question separately. Thanks!

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This solution examines perimeter security systems and intruder detection devices.

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Question 1:

Many companies, both national and international, provide for perimeter security systems and intruder detection devices for commercial, industrial and governmental applications worldwide. Some examples of the usage of these devices are in the following: Auto Salvage PS ( Perimeter Security ), Airport PS, Church PS, Construction site PS, DIY Store, Gas Station PS, Car Dealership PS, Oil Refinery PS, Museum PS, School PS, Government facility PS, Wild life PS, Storage Depot PS, Prison PS, etc. The type of perimeter security used is very often dependent upon where it will be used and for what purpose.

Examples, Names, & Models:

1. Electric fencing - Acts as a deterrent to intruders who fear they will be electrocuted if security is breached because of warning signs throughout the area. They also generate an alarm system when pre-programed conditions are met. They can be attached to an already existing fencing system and have the advantages of visual and physical intruder alarm warnings. They can detect short circuiting to the system, or cutting and/or climbing activity on or around the system.

2. Microwave barriers - Flexigard Model is an intrusion detection system which uses the element of microwave detection beams to create a protection zone. An alarm goes off if an intrusion is made. This system is best used behind an already ...

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