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Smart Perimeter Mapping

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You are the warden of a new maximum security prison and would like to have smart perimeters installed, but the state is in the middle of cut backs on the budget. You must write a proposal to the state legislature and explain the following:

1.) What smart perimeter mapping is
2.) How this type of mapping will be used and how it will increase security
3.) How it will save the state money at the same time

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Smart perimeter mapping is examined.

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What smart perimeter mapping is ...

In correctional facilities, the main line of defense against inmates escaping and contraband entering the prison is the ability to proactively monitor perimeters and significantly prevent the probability of any attempts of escape through detection of these attempts by several different technologies. The combining of these technologies is perimeter mapping that can be smartly done with the use of the right system for the particular type of prison as no one system is right for all prisons. Therefore, choosing a system is predicated upon the security risk posed by the level of inmates that are incarcerated based on their classification, the experience and training of the prison staff, and any potential security threats from outside the prison (McManus, Jr. & Conner, 1994).

Once the aforementioned information within the previous paragraph has been acquired, assessed, and analyzed, the smart perimeter mapping can begin in gist with new technological networks with the ability to provide links ...

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