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Identify a Measuring Instrument and Its Capabilities

Please help getting started with the following assignment:

There are numerous instruments that are available to measure or represent certain concepts like with CLIMATE you have (scales) and CONTEXT (force field analysis) and for TEMPERATURE there is the thermometer. Identify ANY INSTRUMENT you have used and write a summary of how well the instrument worked for you (or how it would have if you could not implement it).

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The first thing you have to ask is: Does this need to be an physical instrument or can it be anything that measures?

If it can be any sort of instrument that measures anything such as progress. Then I can give you feedback on testing for reading comprehension. When giving a reading assessment for students in grades K-6, I use a charting system that plots the progress of student's reading errors (known as miscues) versus their strengths. This chart is called an Academic Chart. I am attaching the PDF document which I personally use to measure progress ...

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