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Fundraising efforts for non-profit involving stakeholders

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This job considers the following scenario: Phoenix Hospice agency needs funds to continue providing palliative treatments to its patients. As a result, this job lists some ideas to help the effort. Various stakeholders are described along with their possible reasons for helping.

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Fund raising can be accomplished through various avenues. Some possible sources are:
supporters/benefactors ,employees, friends & family , religious organizations, sports teams/personalities and entertainment companies/personalities. Many of these stakeholders look for good public relations opportunities while the others are helping for personal reasons.

Supporters/benefactors come in the form of neighborhood businesses and corporations. Neighborhood businesses are ...

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A non-profit hospice needs to raise funds through less traditional means. The solution details various stakeholders who can help raise funds for a non-profit hospice. The types of stakeholders and their possible reasons for participating are listed.

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