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Federal Regulations on Learning Disabled Students

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Discuss four key issues the effect of state and federal regulations on the classroom environment as related to LD.

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This solution explains how to set up a cover page and reference page in APA format. It also discusses federal regulations on learning disabiled children and how these regulations have affected the environment in the classroom

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The title page will have a running head at the top in all caps as to the title of your paper. Here is an example of an APA title page. There is no page number on the first page. The title page is double spaced and centered.

Title of paper (centered)
Your Name
Class Number and class (example: EDU626: Research Design and Methodology)
Name of Instructor

The second page will have a normal heading with the first two or three words of the title as well as a page number. Example:

Title of Paper (centered on top line) The paper is to be double spaced with indention on the first line of each paragraph. Don't forget to only double space between paragraphs.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has six principles that protect children with disabilities who need special education or other related services. A child must be evaluated and diagnosed with disabilities such as mental retardation, speech impairment, serious emotional disorders, hearing impairment/deafness, ...

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