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Biometrics and Security Measures

Please respond to the following questions:
Q1. What is biometrics? How have they improved security overall and provide one example.

Q2. What are card readers and combination lock pads? Are they effective, are they secure enough for today's security concerns? Where might we see them today and in the future?

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Q1. What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the science of basing security (in this case) upon biological identifiers. If your state now requires your fingerprint to get a driver's license, that is one example of biometrics. Your fingerprint is absolutely identifiable as yours and only yours. Using this biological identifier marks your license as yours and only yours, too. There are other biological identifiers, too - your DNA, for example. However, the technology does not yet allow for an instantaneous DNA match - yet. The movie Gattica shows what life might be like if and when it does get that far. Another unique biological identifier is a scan of your retina. That, like a fingerprint, is unique to you. So is a voice print.

How have they ...

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