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    Biometric Security Devices

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    Assume you are working for a medium-sized company that sells products on its Web site and that the company keeps the computers that run its Web server, database server, and transaction processing server in the office next to yours. Describe what a biometric security device is and explain how your employer might use one to more of these devices to protect its servers.

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    Since it is important to protect physical IT assets, biometric security measures can be adopted by the company. Through physical security measures which include biometrics, a safe environment can be created for protecting company assets from intrusion. Biometrics has provided a whole new meaning to security. It involves identification of a person by human characteristics i.e. face, finger prints or iris. The details are then processed by the internal hardware and checked with the database. Only if a match happens is the person allowed the access otherwise he or she cannot gain entry through the secured point. Since these characteristics are unique for each person, biometrics is the most advanced and most secure way to augment the security and hence curb mishaps.
    In medium-sized companies especially biometrics is gaining ...

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