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    Analysis of future curriculum trends in education.

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    What are current curriculum trends. What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why? What will be the content of curriculum in the next 10 years? What and who will influence content? Who will be involved in its development and design? What part will teachers play in curriculum development in the next 10 years? How will these changes impact our personally?

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    What are current curriculum trends. Based on the evidence of federal legislation No Child Left Behind, and the current standards-based curriculum operating in nearly every state of the union, I would have to say that the Essentialists are carrying the day. This philosophical learning ideology espouses the view that there is certain essential material that every educated person should know to be considered educated, and those subjects should be taught in every school to every student. This is the basis of standards-driven education, and the NCLB legislation. Experts get together and decide what is essential to know about every subject. Those become the curriculum standards that every teacher in every classroom is supposed to cover at every grade level in every subject. To ensure that those have indeed been taught, we will test students to see. Naturally, the subjects that get tested are the subjects schools focus upon, since the test results matter so much in their evaluation of Adequate Yearly Progress. Subjects where testing is not mandated by NCLB, such as foreign languages, the Visual and Performing Arts, Physical and Vocational education, suddenly become "non-essential," and many schools have dropped those programs.

    What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why? In the next ten years, we will see an exacerbation of these above mentioned trends, until even those people who are soundly and completely Essentialist in philosophy can see that the pendulum has swung too far in the current direction in which it is travelling. When it becomes difficult to FIND a school that offers programs in the Arts, PE and Vocational Education, I ...

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    Analysis of future ternds in education with understaanding of recent educational trends, and prognostication regardingwhere we are heading, based on where we have been.