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    Analysis of Classroom Technology

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    Select a piece of hardware or software that you currently use in your classroom or worksite that would help a person with special learning needs benefit in an instructional setting. In your posting, describe the tool you have chosen, how it is used, and its strengths and weaknesses. Include how this technology tool has helped with inclusion within the workplace

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    The instructional tool is an ELMO Document Camera. I am lucky enough to have one in my ELL classroom this year. This tool projects whatever we're doing onto the whiteboard, and I can make it as big as I want. In order to use this tool, you simply turn on the camera and the attached projector.

    The strengths of this tool include:

    - Enabling me to use read-aloud texts in new ways. For example, I can have students come up to the whiteboard and highlight rhyming words or point to words that begin with certain sounds.
    - ...

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    An analysis of how one piece of technology makes an impact in the classroom.