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    Active Learning and Smooth Transitions

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    Please identify some techniques that promote active learning and smooth transitions from lesson to lesson for 4th graders.

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    Transitioning from one lesson or activity to another helps students to develop independence and to adjust to changes in their environment. To assist in smooth transitions it is important to set clear and concise classroom instructions so the children know what is to be expected and do not get confused. By limiting opportunities for disruptive behavior you can help to alleviate the distractions. I personally used a dry erase board and created a weekly schedule of activities and lesson times. The lessons change on a daily basis; however, the times are still the same. This way the children know what time we are changing and what ...

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    This 437 word solution identifies the strategies and techniques that teachers can use to help with smooth transitions between lessons and encourage active learning. Additionally, it includes some useful advice about the use of, and wording of, classroom rules.