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    A reliable and valid assessment

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    Post an example of a well-documented assessment that is known to be valid and/or reliable in your chosen profession for your classmates to view. In your narrative, explain why you chose this assessment to post, how you determined it was a valid and/or reliable assessment and whether you have or will use this assessment in your chosen profession. Please make sure to cite your sources when posting your assessment and how you determined it was valid and/or reliable

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    I can show you how to do this. First of all, I would pick an assessment that you know well that already has the information posted somewhere about it. For example, I am going to choose the W-APT, which is a screener test, part of the ACCESS Test for English Language Learners. It is a test given to every kid who enters a new school and speaks a language other than English. In my chosen profession, I must administer this test up to about 100 times per year. I am going to provide links to the information about it. Simply put, I chose ...

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    This is an example of a valid and reliable assessment, as well as a link to additional information and an attached powerpoint explaining the validity and reliability of one particular assessment.