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Language Arts Integrated Unit

Develop an integrated language arts unit for a primary or an intermediate grade level. Plan and develop an integrated unit that focuses on a theme, a topic, a novel, or an author. I want to stress vocabulary, but in the context of a theme, novel, etc.


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In order to integrate all the vocabulary skills addressed in your attachment into a unit of study in language arts, I would recommend a three-week unit in an intermediate grade. Possibly even longer for primary, since there are so many terms introduced. I think focusing on a particular novel would be a great way to bring in all the terms and vocabulary. In fact, I would even suggest cutting down the number of language arts vocabulary to approximately one-two terms per day, with no more than six in a week. More than that, even in an intermediate grade, would overwhelm the students and would prevent them from gaining a thorough understanding of the vocabulary.

First clarify the name of your lesson plan. In your case, you might choose something like, "Vocabulary and Language Arts Terms in [Book Title here]. Grade: 7th (or whatever grade you choose)

For most lesson plans, you need to have both teacher and student objectives. Examples of teacher objectives would be things like:
1) The teacher will introduce [insert language arts terms here] to the class.
2) The teacher will facilitate understanding of these terms through [book title here].
Student objectives would include things such as:
1) The student will demonstrate knowledge of [insert language terms here] by giving examples from the text of [book title here].
2) The students will create a concept web/graphic organizer of the main characters in [book title here].

You will ...

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Ideas included for an integrated language arts unit that emphasizes vocabulary.