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Ergonomics and Hand Tools

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Discuss factors contributing to resistance to the design, manufacture and use of ergo "friendly" hand tools.

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Discuss factors contributing to resistance to the design, manufacture and use of ergo "friendly" hand tools.

The factors that contribute to resistance in designing and manufacturing ergo "friendly" hand tools ...

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Ergonomics and hand tools.

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Preparing an ergonomic report

One of the most common tasks performed by Safety Professionals or the Industrial Hygienist is observation. We will begin to use what we have learned in this course as well as in other safety courses and apply it to an everyday work assignment--not your own-- but another of your choosing. I suggest the following: Supermarket stocker, traffic policeman, classroom school teacher, sacker at a supermarket, office assistant, etc.

This is what you will do:

1. Pick an activity to observe.
2. Pick out one of the checklists from the text which you believe would be appropriate for the activity you will observe. You may use a portion of a checklist or portions of several checklists--whatever will work for your situation. I expect you will find many ergonomic problems in every workplace, and your work on this project should reflect this.
3. Visit with management of the establishment. Explain that you have a course assignment and ask for permission to observe an employee. Explain additionally that you will be writing a report to your instructor about what you observe. Your report will identify ergonomic adequacies and inadequacies as revealed by the checklist you have chosen. Take a copy of the report to management so they can see what you will be looking for. Explain that no other use of the report will be made--this is only a class assignment.

After receiving approval from management, observe the activities you have picked to view and make your notes for your report. Prepare the report (remember the checklists are all available for your use as part of this program). Your final report should contain the checklist(s) you used as well as an opening paragraph describing what you are observing and a closing paragraph which will summarize your report. As was stated in the Management Report instructions, your use of the English language counts. If you have any doubt about your writing skill, you may have another instructor, a friend, your significant other look over your paper and make suggestions.

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