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    Lean Strategy: Case Study

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    See link (https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/publications/publications/0704033.pdf) for case study and answer the following.

    1. What are the VSM and the Kaizen for #1 project in "Packaging and Shipping".?

    2. What was the original situation and the specific activities that were done in the project #1?

    3. What were the results that were obtained and the training that was done?

    4. Specifically point out the Lean techniques and methods that were used in project 1.

    Assist in writing a two to three page paper discussing the Lean activities for this project.

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    Step 1
    The VSN in project #1 for packaging and shipping is the flow of work in process through packaging and shipping. The purpose was to increase conveyor speed and reduce the number of defects from packaging processes. Also there was improvement in ergonomics in the packaging and vacuum molding processes. The Kaizen activity made process changes for Acrylic packaging and shipping, and for FRP packaging and shipping. In case of Acrylic packaging and shipping, Kaizen created a better method to facilitate loading heavy jetted tubs into boxes, created a plan and skirt car, combined use and procurement for same-sized boxes, and organized the area. The result was saving of time, improved ergonomics, freed three storage rack spaces, and improved general efficiency. In case of FRP packaging and shipping there is improved savings in cost as well as a lower cost. There were several activities carried out such as creating new storage, organizing storage for supplies, and creating storage for foam. Locator ...

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