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The future of organizational design

Analyze the article "Optimizing organizational design for the future", by Sheila Creth, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 2000. In your analysis, briefly summarize the article and examine the future of organizational design.

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes today about the 2000 article "Optimizing Organization Design for the Future" by Shiela Creth. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

We already know that technology is reshaping countless organizations globally. The tradition way of doing things is being reinvented, so nearly everyone involved in providing educational services, for example, must begin to consider what the future will look like. Library services are one such area. Creth begins her study by recounting how the very nature of the industry has radically changed over the years, and such change will only continue moving forward. Not only are patrons using the library less and less, the manner in which they utilize such services is changing as well. The Internet, obviously, has ushered in and revolutionized much of this reality. In addition, library and information services have been particularly hard hit by cuts to their budget, further limiting the resources they can ...

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