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Co-operative approach to curriculum planning and improvement

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What is the need for co-operative approach to curriculum planning and improvement?

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This solution discusses the cooperative approach to curriculum planning and improvement and its advantages. It discusses the individuals involved in the process, including the teacher, parents, administrators and consultants. It also goes into concepts including democratic philosophy, shared knowledge, informed communication and personal growth.

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Problem: What is the need for co-operative approach to curriculum planning and improvement?

Curriculum improvement is a co-operative endeavor. Many individuals are encouraged to participate in the process a spirit of co-operation. The following individuals are involved in curriculum improvement:
(a) The teacher: The teacher is primarily responsible for providing the actual learning situations.
(b) The parents: These individuals have a variety of interest s in the school.
(c) Administrators: These people are charged with the responsibility of leadership. They carry on liaison work.
(d) Consultants: This comprises ...

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