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Reflect on the following quote from Feeney and Freeman (2000): "To a large extent, professional values and ethics are an extension of personal values and morality" (cited in Bruno, 2009, p. 240). How does this quote relate to the role of the early childhood administrator? Share a personal experience in which your personal values impacted a decision that you made. Provide an explanation of times when your personal values and morality should not factor into your professional decisions.

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The quote relates to an early childhood administrator in that an administrator who is a "good fit" for where she holds her job, will likely have an easier time to both oversee the school, its children, its staff and its rules. It also allows one to better communicate with parents. If the views and mores of the ...

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An experienced educator with a M.Ed. relates a quote from Feeney and Freeman about personal views affecting an early education administrator's views and how this affects the person's jib in different ways. A personal, moving experience about bending a policy is shared as well as times when one cannot let her own values affect certain issues that may occur in her career as an educator.

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