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    Project Based Learning

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    Project-based learning can be an effective means to engage students in the teaching process. In a 450 word thread describe the keys to an effective project and strategies for managing a project-based classroom. Support your answer with at least two sources in APA format. Finally, provide an example of a project that might be implemented based on the topic you have chosen for your unit.

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    It is always my pleasure to assist you with some notes for your current coursework. Below are my assembled thoughts related to project based learning in the classroom - 450+ words, as requested, with 2 references.

    For years, the education system in America has been moving away from a teacher centered approach to learning, to one that is more based on the needs and motivations inherent in the student. One of the primary methodologies that has been surging in popularity is the project-based classroom. As we know, any given classroom contains students who exhibit multiple intelligences and styles of learning. Traditional classroom environments, however, had the student having to adapt their own strengths and skills to those of the teacher, primarily by completing set assignments that the teacher assigned to them. Projects based learning affords each student to meet the core objectives for any given unit by completing a task in ...

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    A 450+ word discussion about how to effectively implement project based learning into the classroom environment. Two references are provided.