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    Social, Emotional Lessons for Early Learners

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    I needed help getting started on how to write an explanation of this curriculum.

    For this discussion, imagine you are a classroom teacher and your school has just adopted a new social-emotional learning curriculum. The parents of your students are concerned that this will take valuable time away from academic subjects and that this is something parents should teach at home. Your job is to write an explanation of this curriculum for your classroom website. In this description, define what social-emotional learning is and what it isn't. Provide links for parents to find out more about it and what the research says about it. Describe how social emotional learning will enhance learning in other content areas and the benefits their children will experience.

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    As Mary Mindess, Min-hua Chen, and Ronda Brenner note (Social-Emotional Learning in the Primary Curriculum, Beyond the Journal • Young Children on theWeb • November 2008), "Every primary grade program needs a carefully planned social-emotional component. All children—those who enter first or second grade with an ability to control their emotions and make friends and those for whom these skills are more difficult—benefit from intentional ...

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