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Reflect on how an educator's relationship with families can have a positive impact on a child's education. For this discussion, think about three specific strategies that would help an educator make a purposeful connection with Immigrant/ELL families. Create a chart with the following:

Immigrant_ELL families chart

Suggestion for Purposeful Connection

Identify the Specific Student School Need Being Addressed

Steps to implement

Justification for why Strategy Would be Effective

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To create this assignment, I would suggest that you first identify the problems that ELL students and ELL families might have. The best way to make meaningful connections with people is to address their most fundamental concerns authentically. In an ECE environment, these are often addressed through the Family Services Counselor. This is important, because family problems will most certainly affect your students.

Another ...

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This post is designed to give guidance on how educators' relationships with ELL families can have a positive impact on the education of their students. It goes on to suggest steps to create a chart that outlines the problems and possible strategies that an instructor might implement, and their justification.

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