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    Language Disorders

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    I need help with three intervention strategies that may be effective for fluency Disorders (Stuttering) and explain how one would implement the intervention to create a comfortable classroom environment for the child. How would one share the information with the parents and support them through the process? Can you provide me with some assistance?

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    Dear Student,

    Interventions and appropriately implementing them is a big deal in the world of education, no doubt in response to the RtI movement that is sweeping across the nation. Schools need to strive to show that they are trying to intervene with different levels of students who show certain behaviors or academic concerns. The word intervention should not be confused with the psychological term "intervention" although when searching those websites do appear quite frequently.

    Stuttering, is a fluency problem, as you wrote, but even more so can be something ...

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    The three intervention strategies that may be effective for fluency disorders are explained.