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    Adult Education - Internet Services

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    Scenario: Given that I am an instructor for adult education in the art of recruiting (selling)...

    1. Describe common types of internet resources used to support this area of concentration. What are some the judgements you could make about the level of quality of the available resources and what else could be needed.
    2. Using some examples how can internet resources be integrated into the face to face learning and teaching methods.Is the internet material separate from other resources, or is it blended into both the learning experiences and the routine class activities/
    3. Based on available internet resources on instruction for selling for adult learners are they over used or under used in the selling arena.?
    4. What type of of other internet resources are most needed in the area of selling? Or is there sufficient learning materials on the subject?

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    The most common type of internet resource used for adult education in sales is a comprehensive Continuing Education Program (CEP). Various types exist but each will ameliorate your knowledge of proper sales for while increasing adult education. (CEP's) instruct adult learners in sales on such imperative topics as sales techniques and tips, understanding communication styles, and how to achieve client compliance in order to maximize the successfulness of their selling techniques. Whether marketing in sales for themselves or businesses, the adult education classes for (CEP) classes enable tips for marketing and include essential information on liability protection with information on how to obtain clientele and conduct efficient private lessons that will assist you in growing your sales as well as maximizing selling potential. These (CEP's) provide invaluable, critical information that every adult learner in higher education should familiarize themselves with in regards to the art of recruiting (selling) (iaabc, 2012).

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    The available sources for those in adult education in the art of recruiting (sales) are in abundance and not hard to find. Some of the most important skills for adult education in sales include auction selling, ...

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