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Issues before the Global Economy

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Huntington suggests that the emerging global economy will increasingly be faced with violent clashes between civilizations. Explain what Huntington means by the term civilization and why such clashes may be expected.

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//Before discussing about the clashes between the civilizations as outlined by Huntington, I will talk over the meaning of 'Civilization' as given by him. I have provided a brief introduction about the civilization and the related issues.//

Issues before the Global Economy

Civilization: Huntington has not clearly explained the meaning of civilization in his famous work-"Clash of Civilizations". According to him, civilizations are the highest cultural groupings of individual which are differentiated from each other on the basis of religion, history, language as well as tradition.( Huntington, 1993) Moreover, he refers civilization as the broadest level of cultural identity, individuals have short of what separates humans from other species. In real terms, these divisions are profound and increasing in importance.

These civilizations may be composed of states along with the social groups including the religious & ethnic segments. Upon analyzing his views, it is believed that the predominant religion forms the main ...

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The response address the queries posted in 611 words with references.

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