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    Global Economy of India and China

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    Answer the following questions:
    1- Analyze the issue - The past few years has seen global economic ups and downs with near financial meltdowns of banking and investment sectors in Europe and US; deep economic crises in many European countries and rising indebtedness of many developed countries. What steps can be taken to bring sustained stability, growth and prosperity for all in an deeply intertwined global economic system.

    2- In the midst of deep economic issues around the world, India and China continue to experience unprecedented growth and have kept their economies insulated from the global economic crises (starting 2008). How can the rest of the world leverage what is working for these countries to bring stability in the global economic system?


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    The global economy and the current level of meltdown, Greece is on the brink, are conditions of business and investment moving too quickly and incautiously across the globe. Just because there is immediate access to funding, markets, governments, and resources, does not necessarily mean it is a sound investment. With business and government both in trouble, the issues seem to be ones that cross the public/private lines.

    The first thing all should practice is transparency. Too much business is done behind walls and doors that do not allow access to shareholders and stockholders or governments. When business fails in great numbers, it puts too much pressure on government. While government regulation can be overdone (i.e. China), its value can not be discounted. Transparency for transactions and all things financial will help keep people and companies ...

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