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Hispanics and Baby boomers

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Please give me data to show how the increase in Hispanics and increase in Baby boomers (people age 65 and older) affect the Workforce and the US economy?
The increase of Hispanics in the labor force obviously, but need data showing what it means? How much of and increase in the labor force? etc.
Same with the babyboomers.
Please, not too much more that 250 words. Just really need a small paragraph good credible data.
-Please list reference wher Data can be found-
I know most of the information can be found on the US department of labor website, but am confused.

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Impact of increase in hispanics in the US workforce:

The U.S. workforce (generally ages 25 to 64) is in the midst of a sweeping demographic transformation. From1980 to 2020, the white working-agepopulation is projected to decline from 82% to 63% (see figure 1). During the same period, the minority portion of the workforce is projected to double (from 18% to 37%), and the Hispanic/Latino portion is projected to almost triple (from 6% to 17%).

The educational gap between whites and Hispanics/Latinos (as measured by the percentage of the working-age population with a bachelor's degree or higher)has almost doubled over the last two decades-growing from 12 percentage points in 1980 to 19 percentage points in 2000.

If current trends continue, the proportion of workers with high school diplomas and college degrees will decrease and the personal income of Americans will decline over the next 15 years.

Given the changing demographics of the nation's workforce over the next two decades, the current educational disparities among racial/ethnic groups are projected to lead to a decline in the educational level of the U.S.workforce as a whole. This ...

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In the US how do Hispanics and Baby boomers affect the workforce and the economy?

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