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the pros and cons of strategies to tackle a foreign market

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What are the pros and cons of alternative strategies to tackle a foreign market, such as the acquisition of a local firm, direct investment in production and distribution assets (greenfield project), joint venture, technology licensing, and exports only?

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FDI, where it generates and expands businesses, can help stimulate employment, raise wages and replace declining market sectors. However, the benefits may only be felt by small portion of the population, e.g. where employment and training is given to more educated, typically wealthy elites or there is an urban emphasis, wage differentials (or dual economies) between income groups will be exacerbated (OECD a). Cultural and social impacts may occur with investment directed at non-traditional goods. For example, if financial resources are diverted away from food and subsistence production towards more sophisticated products and encouraging a culture of consumerism can also have negative environmental impacts. Within local economies, small scale and rural businesses of FDI host countries there is less capacity to attract foreign investment and bank credit/loans, and as a result certain domestic businesses may either be forced out of business or to use more informal sources of finance (ECOSOC 2000).
source: http://www.earthsummit2002.org/es/issues/FDI/fdi.rtf

Joint Venture:
Venturers typically benefit from sharing costs, risk and financing. Benefits can be achieved by ...