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    shortage in correctional officers

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    ? In 2003 the state of Arizona determined that there was a shortage in correctional officers.
    ? Research the labor market for any state to determine how correctional officers' wages are calculated. Use the Internet for this research.

    o Cite the state and the URL of the Web site used in your research.
    o Discuss what factors could influence the supply and demand of a correctional officer's position.
    o Discuss how a correctional officer's pay is determined and how the salary is structured.
    o Discuss what your chosen state can do to increase the supply of correctional officers.

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    1) The best web site I could locate was at: http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/iminute/House/03+02+HOUSE+SEL+COM+ON+GOVT+OPS+PERF+AND+WASTE.DOC.htm
    This is the minutes of a meeting between a prison contractors and the state of Arizona, and provides more details on how salaries are calculated than any other sites I found.

    2) The demand for correctional officers is determined by the crime rate. However, because they are public employees, correctional officers wages are complicated by politics. If the state legislature has other priorities, their pay may not be sufficient to keep the jobs filled. Note in the meeting, one person says "because of the large number of federal inmates, federal wage laws apply to CCA employees, and those wages are far above state employee ...