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    Urbanization and Surface Runoff

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    I am wondering about the impacts of Urbanization and Development and if it increases, decreases, or both on the following below. A short reason why would also help.

    Urbanization and development generally (Increase, decrease, or both)

    1. ______ Surface runoff because
    2. ______ volume of water reaching groundwater because
    3. ______ Evapotranspiration because
    4. ______ percentage imperviousness of watershed because
    5. ______ total nitrogen in the runoff because

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    Urbanization is associated with impervious ground cover. This increases surface runoff and the percentage of the watershed which is impervious.

    Urban areas are characterized by higher air temperatures, called the heat island effect. This is the result of the types of materials used for construction, which tend to absorb heat, and the production of ...

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    How urbanization affects surface runoff and evapotranspiration is discussed in this solution.