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    Cities of the Realm

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    Pick a city from the realm "North Africa/Southwest Asia" and provide a discussion of its political, economic, cultural, and infrastructural traits [alternative energy supply? water issues? slums? iconic buildings? Landmarks and/or world heritage sites? Ports, rail lines? ...]. Please provide references.

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    For this assignment, let us consider the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh in Southwest Asia. Dhaka is one of the largest capital cities in the world, and it is also one of the poorest. Despite a strong presence from the United Nations in recent decades, efforts aimed at improving the political, economic, and infrastructural environment in the area have largely resulted in negligible positive gains. Dhaka does have a rich history dating back to the first century, and many ancient iconic buildings still remain today and are a source of pride to the resident there. Poverty and a ...

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    The solution discusses the city Dhaka, Bangladesh in Southwest Asia including different political, economic, cultural and infrastructural traits.