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    Knowledge and Belief; how does Plato think we can "know"?

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    What does Plato say about knowledge? In his Allegory, what do the Sun, line and cave represent?

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    What can we know / how do we know it?
    -can we "know" (have knowledge about) the things that are all around us?
    We can have:
    -common sense view
    -but, if we can not trust our senses as the means to knowledge and if and can not have knowledge of sensible things...
    -what, exactly, can we know?
    -how can we know about it?

    Plato (c. 427-347BCE) answers these questions by talking about the REALM OF THE FORMS (the Allegory of the SUN, the LINE and the CAVE)

    What ...

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    An outline of Plato's "Sun, line and Cave" and explanation of the metaphors given by Plato in his Allegory of the Cave are discussed.