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    Volcanic Disaster: Evacuation

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    Describe evacuation and crowd control techniques in volcanic disasters. Describe how you would have applied these techniques to the eruption of the Mount Pinatubo.

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    During volcanic disasters residents living in remote areas may have little warning and less time to evacuate themselves and their possessions before fast moving lava flow. The lava flows destroy homes, cut off roads, and destroy transportation/communication networks. For evacuation it is necessary to identify the hazard zones. Next identification of safe transit points and refuge zones should be made. The means of transporting those who are affected and traffic control should be provided. There should be adequate traffic control. Those evacuated must be accommodated in refuge zones, provided first aid and if necessary hospital services. When there is unexpected and fast destruction by volcanic activity, every vehicle returning to the crash zone should be coordinated to collect fleeting pedestrians at pick up points under police control. To improve evacuation during unexpected ...

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