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    Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning

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    Knowing what we know now, what types of changes would you introduce to a newly rebuilt World Trade Center?

    This is an opportunity to be creative as there such large numbers of lives and corporate assets at stake in a full-fledged disaster; published research reports from the insurance industry commonly tag the losses in the 9/11 tragedy at $100 billion.

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    Structurally, the new World Trade Center would need to be more fire resistant and have a better emergency evacuation plan for its tenants. With the new materials that can be used in buildings today, building a more fire resistant structure should not be a problem. Implementing a better evacuation procedure and putting in more exits in the building is also something ...

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    The following solution discusses workplace continuity and contingency planning. It discusses the types of changes that one would introduce to a newly rebuilt World Trade Center. The explanation is given in 260 words.