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Challenges in Immigrating to the United States

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Do you think someone would want to immigrate to the United States? Why? What opinion would you have of the immigration process including naturalization, the costs, fingerprinting, and so forth?

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Immigration to the U.S. is still very popular in many countries. People probably have many reasons for wanting to come, but most often they come because of the opportunities available for those who work hard. In many countries, higher education is not available to those from lower classes. Here, anyone who can handle the work can gain admission to at least a junior college. Many students feel that their only chance at a reasonable standard of living is to immigrate.

You will need to decide whether increased immigration is beneficial or not. Many feel that immigration is vital to ...

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Reasons for immigration to the U.S. and discussion of the immigration process are provided. The naturalization, costs, fingerprinting and so forth is examined for the immigration process. References are provided in the solution.