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Describing a River Course

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What changes would you expect to find if you followed a river from its source to its mouth?

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Information by Point: River from Source to Mouth

Conditions of socially-built infrastructure by the riverside is not touched as the question only pertains to 'changing landscape from source to mouth'

At Source:

- higher velocity
- lesser volume of water
- gradient affects velocity as usually, the source is situated at a higher elevation (as in the Mekong River)
- the 'river' course is narrower as it gets closer to the very beginning of the river
- if the 'source' is not located at a higher elevation, the velocity is still higher and amount of water is still significantly less than mid-course
- further investigation at source would reveal the source of the water - whether from an underground spring, from a glacier or other alternative sources

Middle Course:

- velocity less than at source
- a higher volume of water than at ...

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The solution provides a concise and comprehensive description of the changes in the topography and conditions of a river from its source to its mouth. References are provided for expansion on information detailed.