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    Land & Water Resources

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    1. Critical Relationships
    What are the critical relationships between geology, environment, and the future?

    2. Global Warming Technologies
    Will new technologies be part of solution on problem in global warming? Explain.

    3. Air Pollution Impact
    Explain how urban working and suburban dwelling impact urban air pollution

    4. Solid and Hazardous Waste
    What is the most serious environmental threat, SW or HW? Why? Give examples of the activities that generate SW or HW in most urban cities.

    5. Modern Technology
    Do modern technologies make the environment more toxic? Why? or Why not?

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    Step 1
    There is a critical relationship between geology and the future. Geology studies the impact of global warming. Global warming affects the process that causes rain, hail, and snow storms, increases in sea levels, and other effects of global warming. The future effects of geology include drought and more flooding, lower ice & snow, extreme weather incidents, and rising sea level. The future effects of climate change include global warming, flooding of low-lying coasts, changed patterns of rainfall, higher acidity in the ocean, and lower levels of oxygen in the sea. From the perspective of geology, in future there will be an increase in the severity of floods, droughts, storms, and heat waves. There will be an adverse effect on the changes in growing seasons and regions. In future there will be negative effects of over-melting of glaciers. There are many effects of the environment that will be experienced in future. In future, the environmental effect will be increased problems for infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries, and the ecosystem. There will be adverse changes in the timings of stream-flow and reduction in water suppliers for competing demands. The environmental effects in future will be related to higher levels of erosion, higher wildfire, insect's outbreaks, and tree diseases.

    Step 2
    New technologies will be part of solution on problem in global warming. One of the key problems leading to global warming is the demand for energy. Solar-geo engineering is a technology that can provide low emission energy. With increase in the production and availability of thin film photovoltaics, the cost of converting light into electricity will decline. Glass laminate modules can be installed on rooftops, or ground mounted for large scale solar farms. Further, technology will enable power generators to introduce carbon capture in which ...

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