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    Environmental Sociology Analysis: Olenick and Silvano Articles

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    Please provide a summary of both articles attached. Make a connection with perception.
    = 500 words please (250 for each article)

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    1. The Silvano article provides a very interesting example of the difference between perception, and the reality of a given situation. In this article, the farmers in the Macabu River watershed area, perceived that the natural environment and the ecology of the stream or water way, as being much better in the areas within their property perimeter. This seems to suggest that these individuals perceive their property and its ecology as better than the surrounding ecological conditions, which points to a perception of self-importance/superiority that is even transferred to their property, in this case. This also seems to indicate that these farmers perceive themselves as being better at taking care of their property and its natural resources, then those around them. It also appears that this mid-guided perception is exacerbated by the ...

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