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    an EMS for military / business versus academe

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    What special problems are associated with developing an EMS for a college or university compared to an industrial or military facility?

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    I am glad I ran across this post as I am helping a mid-size (5000 students) college develop an EMS right now so I am wrestling with many of these ideas.

    Some aspects of an EMS across these two general scenarios are the same, it is just matters of scale where they differ. For example, the largest component of solid waste from a college/university is white office paper. It comprises more than 50 by weight of university waste. Probably next would be disposable containers (bottles/cans). However, if it is a residential campus this may increase these sorts of convenience items. Compare this to a military/industrial set-up which has offices most certainly, but generally not at the paper generating scale of a campus. Same with containers which would only make up a small portion of the industrial scenario (well, unless it deals with a bulk commodity that comes in a large plastic bottle, which COULD be a reality, like oils or flavorings ...

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    discusses EMS plans, options and considerations for a variety of scenarios examining similarities and differences as well as issue categorization. Includes live HTML links in attachment.