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U.S Administration's Energy Policy on Environmental Challenges

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Research and summarize the current US administration's energy policy.

Briefly evaluate the policy against how you perceive the challenges of environmental issues (Pollyanna or Cassandra?).

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For information on the current US administration's energy policy, you will need to do some research. There are a lot of articles written on this subject. Recently the Rocky Mountain Institute teamed up with Cambridge, Mass.-based Consensus Building Institute to create the initiative by compiling ideas for energy policy goals. The two groups then agreed on what direction the country's energy policy should go. Called "The National Energy Policy Initiative," they reached a challenging conclusion. They suggested that a well-integrated set of proven policy innovations can improve security, the economy and the environment simultaneously and without compromise. You can read their conclusions here: http://www.nepinitiative.org/pdfs/PR_IntroLovinsMoomaw.pdf

In addition you should find some articles about the threat of ...

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Optimistic and pessimistic views of environmental change are compared and contrasted.