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    Tidal Energy: Good Investment

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    Please help me better understand Tidal power. I understand that it does not make a significant contribution to UK energy supplies at present, but I'd like more information/arguments in favour of sustained investment in this source of energy.

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    Sustained investment should be made in assets which have a relatively low risk of investment, is a safe investment, and has a reasonably attractive rate of return on investment. Investing in tidal power projects is attractive because it taps an inexhaustible source of energy. The energy from tidal power does not exhaust. The energy produced from tidal power is environmental friendly and does not produce harmful gases. Further, sustained investment should be made in projects where there is scope to increase the scope of the project. Since, more than seventy percent of earth's surface is covered by water there is scope to generate this energy on a large scale. The risk of investing in tidal power is relatively low. The rise and fall of tides is predictable and they follow a cyclic fashion. ...

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